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1st Nine Weeks


Aug 15- Are coyotes a problem in Lee County? Why or why not.

Aug 16 - Which is better coke or pepsi? Why?

Aug 19 - Copy

Two types of observations:

Qualitative - Describes details (example - hair color, eye color, smells)

Quantitative - Tells how much (example - 5 feet tall, 150 pounds)


Aug 20 - Describe a pet.

Aug 21 - Give 3 qualitative observations and 3 quantitative observations from the classroom.

Aug 22- Write about your favorite place in the natural environment.

Aug 23 - Should we be allowed to dump trash in outer space?

Aug 26 - Will Miracle-gro make my poison ivy grow bigger?

Write hypothesis, design experiment, identify independent variable, dependent variable and constants.

Aug 27 - Finish yesterday's journal.

Aug 28 - You are the leader of Lee county. Your advisors have told you we will be out of coal in 5 years. What will be your plans?

Aug 29 - If trees were endangered what one product would you want to keep the most (and why)?

Aug 30 - There is a beautiful weeping willow tree planted beside a stream in the forest. Why is it crying?

Sept 3 - What effect woud vinegar have on my dogwood trees? Write hypothesis, design experiment, identify independent and dependent variables, identify constants.

Sept 5 - What do you know about acid rain?

Sept 6 -Is strip mining good or bad? Why?

Sept 9 -We are taking an imaginary camping trip. List the activities you would like to do while we are there.

Sept 10 - Will coffee make my halloween pumpkins grow bigger?

Write hypothesis

Design experiment

Identify: Independent Variable, Dependent Variable and Constants

Sept 11 - Is it good or bad dinosaurs are extinct?

Sept 12 - In the book Flush Noah is being bullied. He does not want his parents to find out. Why do you think he doesn't want his parents finding out? What would you do if it were you?

Sept 18 - Write a paragraph about the second activity you did on the imaginary field trip.

Sept 19 - Write a paragraph about the third activity you did on the imaginary field trip.

Sept 20 - Tell me what your pet dinosaur did last night when it got loose.